5 Reasons to Raft the Salt River in February

1. An Unexpected Way to get your Adrenaline Pumping 

There’s nothing quite like hurtling down a river at high speed, dodging rocks and other obstacles in your path. If you’re looking for a winter adrenaline rush, a trip with Wilderness Aware Rafting down the Salt River is worth considering. 

2. A Great Workout

In addition to being a lot of fun, river rafting is also a great workout. Burn calories and discover muscles you didn’t know you had as you paddle through class II-IV rapids. You may even pick up a new workout routine.

3. A Chance to Unwind and Connect with Nature

If surrounding yourself with red cliffs, wild horses, and bald eagles while coasting down the Salt River sounds like fun, then here’s your chance to unwind outdoors. View the desert from a more hydrated angle on a half or full-day trip as saguaro cacti whip by in the background.

4. A Unique Experience

You don’t need special equipment or training in order to raft with us, just some basic understanding of safety rules, and our expert guides will do the rest. You’ll walk away with new knowledge of both rafting and the diversity of the Sonoran desert vegetation. Learning is never dull when done from the edge of the action. 

5. A Great Way to Spend Time with Friends or Family

River rafting is also a great way to spend time with friends or family, away from screens and in the brilliance of the Salt River and surrounding desert. Special bonds are formed on the river—whether with friends, family, or strangers—while navigating rapids at high speeds. It’s a thrilling and rewarding adventure.