Exploring the Wild Beauty of the Salt River

Camp and Rafting the Salt River

While your friends are still skiing, grab a group and head for the river. Rafting on the Salt River begins February 25th. The early start date makes rafting trips a welcome alternative to regular winter activities. With locations an hour and a half from Phoenix and a day’s trip from surrounding southwest states, whitewater rafting offers unexpected thrills for the truly adventurous. 

Can’t gather a group together but still want to coast the Salt River? We guarantee after 4 or 5 hours of sloshing around with strangers, you’ll have a handful of new best friends. Bouncing around through class III-IV rapids will, literally, bring you and your raft mates closer. Force yourself into the present, while you navigate crashing rapids in your face, and catch the beauty of the Sonoran desert flashing by in the background. You may enter into what is known as “river time,” a state of mind only achieved on the river, where you freely observe without the inner critic telling you you should be doing something else. 

With such a thrill, you won’t know where the time went. Luckily we offer trips of varying lengths, from 2 days to 3, 4, and 5-day expeditions. Our expert guides are repeatedly praised in our reviews. They know their stuff. Not only do they keep you safe, but they educate you along the way about the diverse landscape and wildlife native to the area. They even cook you dinner too. Come for the rapids, stay for the food—and riverside beach campouts.

Whether you’re new to rafting or a veteran rafter waiting for the season to begin, check out all the Salt River has to offer and book a trip this spring.