Why Choose Arizona Rafting by Wilderness Aware


The Salt River is very remote…it is located on the White Mountain Apache Reservation, 45 miles from the nearest town and the basics of civilization. In this primitive environment, you need an outfitter that provides the basic necessities for health and comfort… in addition to what is most important…a fun loving, educated guide that keeps safety first and foremost. Here is how we do it….

Professional, experienced and fun loving guides return year after year to share the canyon and its secrets. They always put your safety first.

Top of the line rafting and camping equipment that you can rely on through the roughest rapids or the most challenging weather conditions.

Great looking, top-quality boats – the best in the industry.

Clean, bright and private clothes changing facilities that are off the ground.

Weather tight kitchen facilities with propane powered refrigeration as well as food grade stainless steel preparation tables where on full day trips we prepare a healthy and delicious hot beef, chicken and/or vegetarian option fajita lunch.

Reliable vehicles…remember you are miles from the closest mechanic’s shop. We take pride in our vehicle reliability.

We wash our wetsuits, booties & splash jackets with soap and disinfectant chemicals after EVERY use. Gas powered pumps fill wash barrels to assure thorough cleaning. Cold water and cold weather protective clothing is available to you at no charge if you desire.

Multi-day trips include comforts such as chairs and private toilet facilities.

Meals on multi-day trips are prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked at the river’s edge for wilderness camping in style.

We are a full-time year round rafting company with professional customer service reps to assist you in making your reservation. We strive to exceed your expectations.

Wilderness Aware only runs trips on the Salt River when conditions are right during the peak runoff from March through early May. If we run a trip, you can be assured there is adequate water with the right guide to have a great experience.

Wilderness Aware is an equal opportunity service provider and employer.

We also offer trips in Colorado with Wilderness Aware Rafting. Learn more at www.inaraft.com.