Discover seamless convenience with Arizona Rafting’s vehicle Salt River shuttle service. Ideal for private kayakers and rafters embarking on multi-day adventures through the Salt River Wilderness. Our efficient shuttle transports vehicles from the US Hwy 60 Bridge to the AZ 288 Bridge, ensuring a worry-free experience for your Arizona rafting journey.

WARNING!! Private Boaters need a White Mountain Apache Tribe Permit BEFORE arriving at the put-in! There is NO pay station at the put-in!

  • Permits can be purchased at Sinclair Gas Station at the junction of highways 60 and 73 .
  • Permits purchased online should be pre-printed in advance, or you may show these permits to the Apache permit enforcers on your phone/tablet as long as you have downloaded a copy in advance (there is no internet/service at the put-in).
  • Boaters need to purchase a $30/person “River Rafting – Private Daily” permit for EACH day they are on the Apache land (typically two days for multi-day trips).
  • If you are camping the night before your launch, you must also secure a $30/person “Special Use: Salt River Access Only” permit. 
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