Lower Canyon Map


As you enter the Lower Canyon of the Salt River from the Middle Canyon, wildlife sightings and natural wonders are around every corner. Just after Class III Cliff Hanger Rapid, a Giant Saguaro cactus thought to be over 200 years old can be seen from the river.

Further downriver, around Horseshoe Bend, you will find a nice beach for lunch in the presence of a Crested Saguaro. The Crested Saguaro is a very rare cactus with only 800 known specimens in the state of Arizona.

Keep your voice down as you pass through a “No Stop Zone,” and you might be treated to an aerial display of our national symbol, the Bald Eagle. This is one of four nesting sites of the Desert Bald Eagle found on the Salt River.

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Rafting Trips Through the Lower Canyon


Tackle the entire Salt River Wilderness on our fast-paced 2-Day Salt River Expedition trip! Requiring intense paddling and teamwork, travel 42 miles through the extremely remote Salt River Wilderness. View giant saguaro cacti and hillsides blanketed with colorful desert wildflowers.
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Raft 46 miles of challenging rapids and camp on remote riverside beaches on this 3-Day adventure in the Salt River Wilderness. With no shortage of exciting whitewater, raft through some of the oldest exposed rocks in the world, and explore narrow side canyons leading to oasis-like habitats.
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Get away into the remote and stunning Salt River Wilderness, tackle white knuckling white water and enjoy the desert beauty on this 51 mile, 4-Day journey. Each day explore new and challenging rapids and side hikes to remote Indian ruins or lush canyons. Our most popular wilderness trip!
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Treat yourself to a hidden gem by exploring every aspect of the Salt River Wilderness on this truly amazing 5-Day getaway. Floating at a relaxed pace over 51 miles, view scenic, ecological and geological treasures on one of the premier white water wilderness trips in the West.
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